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MyTones - Dhiraagu


About Mytones
MyTones is a personalized ring back tone service which allows customers to create a more personalized and unique ring back tone by replacing the standard "ring-ring" with music clips, personal greetings or any other unique sounds.

My Tones can be set by calling IVR number 155 and selecting a tone from the list previewed or by entering Tone ID.

You will have to register for the service in order to use MyTones. After registration, you will be able to purchase a tone, or Dhiraagu will play the default tone for a grace period of 10 days.

When the grace period is reached you will be notified via SMS to purchase a new tone or will be unregistered from the service automatically.

Each tone will cost Rf 4 per selection. The tone purchased will expire in 30 days. You will be notified via SMS, 3 days prior to the expiry. You may wish to renew the same tone by calling up the IVR and you may extend the expiry for another 30 days. The maximum duration you may extend the expiry is 60 days.